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About Center FORIS

Center of social and market research FORIS has been working since 1992 and to date is the first-rate center, specialized in socio-political and marketing research in the Russian North.

Since 2002 FORIS is a member of regional sociological centers association “Group 7/89” (http://www.789.ru/) that unites regional research companies from 18 cities of Russia for working out and conducting interregional independent polls and creation own commercial products.

Center FORIS is one of the founders of Moscow research company “Marketdata”.

FORIS works in two directions:

  1. custom research projects, which are ordered by local clients as well as nonresident companies.
  2. organization of fieldwork for most of research companies, institutes, groups.

For conducting polls the Center has a wide network of foremen and interviewers in different settlements of Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions.

Department of data input and processing and analytic department work in structure of the company.

Since November 2007 FORIS has specialized call-centre for carrying out telephone polling by method of CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview).

Specialists of the Center master various techniques of quantitative and qualitative research, which can solve a query of any customer:

  • polling at a place of residence (house polling),
  • telephone polling,
  • sidewalk polling, 
  • hall-tests,
  • home-tests,
  • retail audit,
  • census,
  • exit-polls,
  • expert interviewing,
  • focus group sessions,
  • in-depth interviewing,
  • content analysis,
  • mystery shopping. 

FORIS guarantees quality of work, being conducted, that is ensured by:

  • methodological basis of high quality;
  • quality control of every research stage;
  • obligatory staff training (all interviewers and operators receive a thorough briefing before every project);
  • working paper of all projects are submitted to Client’s approval. 

There are no standards in the matter of cost and deadlines of conducting polls. Center FORIS is opened to discuss financial issues (cost) and matter of a poll (methods, sample etc.)





Director-general – Muratkina Nataliya Stanislavovna (muratkina@foris.ru)


Chief executive – Evsina Nataliya Yurievna (evsina@foris.ru)


Chief specialist of analytic department – Kudrina Yuliya Nikolaevna (kudrina@foris.ru)


Telephone/fax: (8-8182) 28-70-72, 28-70-73, 65-20-00

Lomonosov avenue 58, building 1, office 2, Arkhangelsk, 163061


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